Divisor is a gate divider Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason 6.5+. Divisor contains 10 separate dividers with 2 outputs each, timed either internally or by buffered external input.

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Product Manual

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Introductory Video


song/combi fileaudiodescription
Example 1 Subtractor's lfo routed through Divisor for rhythmic modulation.
Example 2 As above, using the buffer to create unusual timing effects.
Example 3 Divisor connects to Redrum for polyrhythmic mayhem.
Example 4 Divisor processes a Matrix sequence.
Combi 1 Reason user Koshdukai provides this combi making excellent use of the buffer to create a swing feel in the hihats.
Combi 2 Reason user fraluc provides this combi with a more aggressive take on Divisor' rhythmic possibilities.