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Later is a ten channel control voltage delay unit. Later comes with delay time in note values or cv samples, positive and negative feedback, a merge input, and a dry/merge/wet mixer.

Mind boggling beat alteration and LFO manipulation are yours with this unit. Dubbify your drum lines. Convert gate signals to bipolar LFOs with negative feedback! The onboard mixers per channel give you total control over the output. All parameters are CV controllable; amazing for live performance.

Later dovetails perfectly with our Now unit for beat extraction and delay! The merge input allows you to reintegrate the Reject stream from Now back into the delayed signal.

Another crucial tool for your Reason modular kit!

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song/combi fileaudiodescription
Example 1 Synthetic grooves
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Example 2 Feedback grooves
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Example 3 Logikal Drum Machine
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