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Now is a ten channel control voltage counting gate which allows you to extract data from a CV signal for further modulation.

Now detects a rising edge in the CV signal above the Threshold setting. Each detection triggers a count. Depending on the settings, the signal detected at either a count of One or the user-set maximum Count is sent out the Accept output. The rest of the signal is sent out the Reject output.

Thus, you can select a beat from a gate CV stream and alter it, merging it back into the stream or sending it somewhere else. You can convert gate streams into LFOs. You can change the shape of LFO waves, creating new, undiscovered shapes.

Now dovetails perfectly with our Later unit for beat extraction and delay!

Each parameter is itself controllable by CV. All inputs and outputs are monitored on the front by LEDs so you can see what is happening.

Now will become an essential tool in your Reason modular kit!

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song/combi fileaudiodescription
Example 1 Synthetic grooves
created by:
Example 2 Roots Kit Groover variable beat extraction
created by:
sbader @ MassiveSoundStudios
Example 3 Abstract soundscape
created by: